Hi, I'm Catherine!

I love working with individuals and couples to help empower them to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Education & Certifications

B.S. in Health Promotion | Minor in Psychology - 2004

Master’s degree in Community Counseling - 2006

Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) -2006

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in my state - 2008

Registered Yoga Teacher - 2009


What is Expansive Connection?

I have combined my experience as a counselor with my work as a mindfulness coach and yoga teacher to create a unique relationship coaching opportunity for anyone looking to grow and deepen their connection.

I am here without judgement and love to work with individuals, couples, and more-somes. Together we'll work towards your connection goals and help you become more aware of your body sensations, thoughts, feelings, and auto-response behavior. 

Teaching through mindfulness, education, metaphors, and example, I will help you develop an initial level of awareness and then deepen your understanding.

Important note: My relationship and mindfulness coaching and consulting business does not fall under the scope of my NCC certification or LPC license.  To understand more about the difference between coaching and therapy, please click here


Fun Facts About Me

  • I raced triathlons and started a triathlon team for my university in college.

  • I LOVE being outdoors... camping, hiking, biking, skiing, running, soaking up sun by any source of water.

  • I was a nationally certified ski patroller for 20 years.

  • My job as a mom is the hardest one of my life. I am fierce, silly, and loving in that role and have learned enough humility to own when I screw it up badly. 

  • I love to travel - passport stamps are like badges of honor for me.

  • I used to teach healthy cooking classes. Cooking is my creative outlet and I love to nourish my body with healthy foods, but don't get between me and a warm cookie or slice of cheesecake - you might lose a hand. 

  • I am a terrible speller and can’t learn a foreign language to save my life.

  • One of my nicknames in my family is Master Fire Builder – I am fantastic at starting and keeping a fire alive!