Working with Me

My coaching work focuses on learning more about yourself and using that knowledge to strengthen your relationships. 


I help people in all relationship styles identify the ways they get in their own way of what we all want most - connecting authentically with others - so they can be seen, heard, understood and loved anyway by the people they love the most. 


Client Feedback

"The thing that I love most about Catherine is the way she talks with us.  She is never preachy.  She doesn't spend all of the time talking only about herself. It never ever feels as if she is being judgmental of us or condemning us. She shares personal stories that help us know that she is real and understanding.  She is patient as we deal with painful things and she shows so much compassion. She also shares understanding at the difficulty of the things that we are working through. I feel completely safe sharing everything with her which I have never experienced before in a therapist/counselor. I will always be grateful for that.


After a few weeks of working with her and doing my own "homework" that she suggested, I had new and better skills to handle all different situations within my own family, social circles and sometimes stressful life. Now I use these same skills regularly to successfully navigate managing our employees and clients within our business. I'm grateful to Catherine for guiding my journey! Her knowledge, perspective, personal experiences and manner serves her very well in working with each individual client to identify and create a successful plan with evolving on independently from her practice being the ultimate goal.


She is constantly giving us useful references (books, podcasts, suggestions) tailored to our specific challenges."

- Current Client


Therapy vs. Relationship Coaching

My relationship coaching and consulting business does not fall under the scope of my NCC certification or LPC license. Therapy and coaching are different practices.

Relationship coaching is a professional client-focused service. The significant and sometimes contrasting differences between therapy and coaching better highlight the strengths of coaching. See the table for more details.

Coaching and therapy can complement each other very well. It could be said that coaching starts where therapy ends, making coaching a good fit for personal

growth-oriented therapists. 

Therapy vs. Coaching.png

Table adapted from Hayden and Whitworth, 1995


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