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Connections are all about more, not less...

let's be expansive! 

Welcome to Expansive Connection
We are a team of coaches ready to support you on your life journey. Together we bring experience in community counseling, mindfulness coaching, yoga and meditation training, Adult Chair certification, trauma and sex therapy, and more. We provide an integrative, holistic, and collaborative approach and bring lessons and wisdom from our relationships to benefit you professionally.

How We Can Help You


We offer mindfulness based coaching for individuals, couples, and more-somes that seek to better understand themselves and their relationships. The how, when, why, and whom you love matters not to us. We are here, without judgement, ready to help you meet your connection goals.

What Clients Are Saying

"My partner and I are communicating better than ever and we accept each other and continue to choose each other every day. Catherine has been an important resource in continuing to define what relationship we want with each other."

"While working with Catherine, my husband and I learned ways to talk with each other and share painful feelings. Because of the healthy ways we have learned to communicate these things, our relationship has grown significantly closer. On top of that, we are learning about ourselves individually."

"With Kel's guidance I started uncovering and healing old wounds which has led to a much needed transformation. I appreciate her coaching methods because they provide me with a direct and clear approach to how to work on my personal growth. I am truly grateful to have such a kind, caring, and thoughtful coach on this part of my journey."

"My session with Kel was one of the best in my life. No other coach has seen me like that, even ones I have worked with for years. It was like she saw straight into my soul, grabbed the monster by the tail and held it up in front of me saying "Let's get to work". Wow."

"Meshai coached me through the most pivotal time of my life. She helped me get unstuck when I didn't know how to proceed in my healing journey. She is a fantastic listener and always puts me at ease. She always has very good suggestions for practical things I can do that incite the inner work I need to heal. I highly recommend Meshai and believe in the significant work that she is doing. "

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