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Working with Us

Our coaching work focuses on learning more about yourself and using that knowledge to strengthen your relationships. 


We help people in all relationship styles identify the ways they get in their own way of what we all want most - connecting authentically with others - so they can be seen, heard, understood and loved anyway by the people they love the most. 

What to Expect


We get background information from people through paperwork and email correspondence to determine if we should start with one-on-one meetings or with the couple or more-some.

First Session

We ask clients to jump right into the "rub" or what made them feel the need to reach out for help. We ask them to fill in background on the current relationship(s) and family dynamics for context.

Once we have a basic idea and theory of the dynamics,

we work to understand and have clients recognize what is going on in their bodies, minds, and hearts during these situations that are causing distress.

Bringing in a Partner

If more than one person is in the session, we help the partner(s) understand how their actions and words contribute to the cycle by bringing awareness to what is going on in their own body, mind, and heart. 


From there, we work as a team to find tools to break the automatic cycle.


Therapy vs. Relationship Coaching

Our relationship coaching and consulting practice does not fall under the scope of our certifications or licenses. Therapy and coaching are different practices.

Relationship coaching is a professional client-focused service. The significant and sometimes contrasting differences between therapy and coaching better highlight the strengths of coaching. See the table for more details.

Coaching and therapy can complement each other very well. It could be said that coaching starts where therapy ends, making coaching a good fit for personal

growth-oriented therapists. 

Note that because our relationship coaching and consulting practice does not fall under the scope of our certifications or licenses, we do not accept or bill insurance for payment.

Therapy vs. Coaching.png

Table adapted from Hayden and Whitworth, 1995

Therapy vs. Coaching

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