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Thank you for connecting with me through

Life on the Swingset!

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The energy I feel collaborating with the Life on the Swingset crew is electric. I absolutely love their commitment to talk about a wide array of difficult topics that revolve around relationships and sex. Their willingness to be authentic and vulnerable to discuss what sometimes is a challenging journey navigating non-monogamy is inspiring.
I'm excited that this partnership has allowed us to bring open and honest
conversations to all of you.

All of my current offerings are listed below with links for additional details. You can read more about my coaching business here.

In Case You Missed It...

The Life on the Swingset crew and I have collaborated on multiple podcast episodes:

My Course Offerings

Power of Witness Group Coaching

Group Coaching Photo.jpg

This group coaching course is a series of weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions via zoom. During the session one person or couple will receive coaching while being respectfully witnessed by the other people or couples. The course also includes a 30-minute private session with Catherine before the group starts, a weekly assignment to be completed before the live session (a webinar or podcast with a maximum time commitment of one hour), and a private MeWe community where all course attendees can chat and reach out for support. 

Relationship Bootcamp Self Study


This self-study course will give your relationship a tune up by addressing ten of the areas that are vital to improving your communication and understanding of each other. Diving into these areas will give you tools to get your relationship in tip top shape so it is ready for the challenges that consensual non-monogamy may bring your way.

Jealousy Deep Dive Self Study


This self-study course will equip you and your partner with understanding and practical tools to manage jealousy. Attention and resources will be given to the supporting partner AND the one struggling with jealousy. Tools will be supplied to assist during acute and situational feelings of jealousy AND to dig into the roots and soothe the causes.

My Webinars

All webinars are $50 each. If you see more than one topic of interest, check out my Relationship Bootcamp Self Study course above for an opportunity
to dive into multiple topics. 
Note that the webinars below are divided by consensual non-monogamy (CNM) focused and helpful topics for all types of relationships (yes, you can share
these with your vanilla friends).

Navigating Rejection

Workshop_Navigating Rejection.jpg

We focused on understanding what happens in our brains when we are rejected and why it is so painful. We will explore ways to manage the parts of our brains that are activated in order to decrease the pain, learn from the experience, and become more resilient in the face of rejection.

Hall Passes 101

Hall Pass Photo.jpg

Have you and your partner considered experimenting with Hall Passes? Have you tried them already, but wonder if you’re doing them “right”? This webinar will look at the components of crafting a Hall Pass for maximum success by defining what success looks like for you, and what you need to consider before, during and after the experience in order for the experience to deepen your connection.

Stories and Assumptions

stories and assumptions 1.jpg
Helpful for All Types of Relationships

Are you guilty of letting the stories and assumptions in your head get in the way of your relationships? This workshop will help you understand why we create stories and assumptions and will give you five specific tools to break the habit. You'll be amazed by how much more you are able to connect with others when you implement these tools and stay out of your own way!

What to Do When You Just KNOW Your Partner is Wrong
Helpful for All Types of Relationships

We've all been there... our partner's feelings are hurt by something we did or said, but that wasn't our intention. They got our meaning all wrong! So we jump into correcting them because we don't want them to hurt anymore. Then the fight gets worse and we are confused - we were just trying to help and clear up the misunderstanding! This webinar will focus on explaining why the fight may get worse and what we can do instead to ease our partner's pain and explain our true meaning.

Goodbye Golden Rule

Goodbye Golden Rule.jpg
Helpful for All Types of Relationships

We all grew up with the Golden Rule - treat others how you want to be treated. It works well to keep society running smoothly with kindness. However, it can be a disaster when applied to close relationships. This webinar will explain why with examples from many types of relationships, and offer a new rule to deepen our connections. Move over Golden, the Platinum rule is here!

Musical Chairs

Helpful for All Types of Relationships

Using the classic Gestalt chair technique can be helpful to access, understand, and integrate your competing inner characters. I will be explaining and personifying these different characters and their motivations and typical actions. This is powerful work for couples because as we understand our own characters and our partner’s characters, we can better communicate our needs and deepen our connection. We can also understand how our inner competing parts get in the way of our desire to deeply connect.

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