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Podcast Collaborations

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Life on the Swingset

Episode 388: The Power of Witness in Relationship Therapy with Catherine

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Livin' the Suite Life

Episode 32: Catherine of Expansive Connection Coaching

Monogamis Marriage Graphic.jpg
The Monogamish Marriage

Episode 8: Dating Separately (Part 1)

Episode 9: Dating Separately (Part 2)

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Normalizing Non-Monogamy

Episode 57: Catherine + Ray

Focus Fridays Episode 1.2: Intentional Conversations with Catherine

Focus Fridays Episode 1.10: Bringing up Non-Monogamy to your Partner with Catherine

Power of Witness Six Episode Series

Focus Fridays Episode 2.1: Enneagram Experience with Kel | Part 1

Focus Fridays Episode 2.2: Enneagram Experience with Kel | Part 2

Focus Fridays Episode 2.3: Enneagram Experience with Kel | Part 3

Episode 233: Meshai

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Spiritual Swingers

Episode 33: Managing Fear of Exposure with Catherine

Episode 40: C.N.M. and G.O.D. with Meshai

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Wanderlust Swingers

Episode 94: Non-Monogamous Coaching

Episode 143: We Broke Our #1 Swinging Rule

Episode 152: Swingers Lifestyle Confidence with Expansive Connection

We Gotta Thing

Episode 41: A Licensed Counselor (and Swinger) Breaks Down Jealousy

Episode 54: Drama in the Lifestyle

Episode 96: Nonmonogamy Coaching by Expansive Connection

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We Luv Freely

Episode 5: Tools to Start a Polyamorous Relationship with Meshai

Episode 8: Tips for Ethical Non-Monogamy Social Situations with Catherine

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