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Welcome to the Most Fun Side of Expansive Connection...
our Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) Page

Unlike traditional coaches, we are willing to share our personal experiences so clients get the benefit of professional experience plus years of personal growth from non-monogamyFor more details about our experience, please click here.

ENM clients account for well over 80 percent of our practice and are honestly our favorite to work with (shhh...don't tell our other clients, ok?).

We are inspired and energized by the work they have already done to be brave enough to explore this challenging and fantastic relationship style.

How We Support
ENM People

  • We coach individuals, couples, and more-somes in private sessions
  • Find out more about the difference between coaching and therapy here.
  • We create self-study courses on topics pertinent to ENM
  • We facilitate small group coaching communities focused on education and "doing the work"
  • We host live and recorded webinars on topics we have found to be helpful in our private sessions
  • We post thoughts and pictures on Instagram and Twitter
  • We share information as a guest on multiple ENM podcasts
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